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Romania Investor Days 2017

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4 APRIL 2017


Polish Innovation and Growth

5 APRIL 2017


Medlife Investor & Analyst Day

11 - 12 MAY 2017


Greek Retreat

7 - 8 JUNE 2017


Emerging Europe Financials

9 JUNE 2017


Georgia Investor Day

5 - 8 DECEMBER 2017


WOOD´s Winter Wonderland


Vilnius: 23 March 2017
Tallin: 24 March 2017


Pegasus Airlines
Budapest: 3 April 2017
Warsaw: 4 April 2017
Prague: 5 April 2017


USA: 17-19 May 2017


Pegasus Airlines - Scandi
Copenhagen: 22 May 2017
Stockholm: 23 May 2017

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3 MARCH 2017

Romania Investor Days 2017

On 1-2 March, WOOD&Co. hosted its fifth Romania Investor Days event in London, in partnership with Fondul Proprietatea. The event consisted of a morning of presentations, running concurrently with investor meetings throughout the day (1 March), and a day of one-on-ones (2 March).

87 investors from 50 investment houses and 320 investor meetings in total (2016: 361 meetings).

20 companies with 46 company reps registered (2016: 22 companies)

162 company meetings, including 88 one-on-ones, 27 two-on-ones, 15 three-on-ones and 32 group (2016: 163 company meetings in total)


Presentations were given by:  

Grzegorz Konieczny, CEO and Fund Manager of Fondul Proprietatea

H.E. Paul Brummell, British Ambassador to Romania

H.E. Dan Mihalache, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Romania

Mr. Liviu Voinea, Deputy Governor of National Bank of Romania

Ms. Raffaella Tenconi, Chief Economist of WOOD&Co

Mr. Valentin Ionescu, Manager of the Strategy and Financial Stability Directorate Financial Supervisory Authority

Mr. Stefan Nanu, Head of Treasury Ministry of Public Finances

3 MARCH 2017

Institutional Investor 2017 Emerging EMEA Research Survey

The Institutional Investor 2017 Emerging EMEA research survey is now underway, until 31 March.
We were tremendously pleased by your support last year, when you voted us #1 Research Team in CEE, and would be grateful if you would kindly take the time to vote in the 2017 survey now open.

Our team, once again, for your reference:

Analysts by EMEA sector:

Chemicals:Oytun Altasli Maciej Wardejn
Construction and Real Estate: Jakub Caithaml Oytun Altasli
Consumer: Lukasz Wachelko Jakub Mician Gabriela Burdach
Financials: Alex Boulougouris Marta Jezewska-Wasilewska Jerzy Kosinski Can Demir LucianAlbulescu
Health Care and Pharmaceuticals: Bram Buring
Metals and Mining: Andrew Jones
Oil and Gas: Jonathan Lamb Ondrej Slama
TMT: Piotr Raciborski Bram Buring
Transportation: Maciej Wardejn
Utilities: Bram Buring

Analysts by region:

Lucian Albulescu
Alex Boulougouris
Gabriela Burdach
Bram Buring
Jakub Caithaml
Marta Jezewska-Wasilewska
Jonathan Lamb
Jakub Mician
Piotr Raciborski
Ondrej Slama
Lukasz Wachelko
Maciej Wardejn
Pawel Wieprzowski

Frontier Markets:
Lucian Albulescu
Can Demir
Lukasz Wachelko

Oytun Altasli
Can Demir

Raffaella Tenconi
Pawel Wieprzowski

The vote is analyst-based, i.e., you can vote for several analysts from one firm even within a given sector. The survey permits you to vote for the same analyst in several categories, and we would be grateful if you considered it appropriate to do so.

Voters can choose a salesperson in these categories (the vote is salesperson-based as well, i.e., you can vote for more than one salesperson in one category)

  • Best understanding of client needs and customized service
  • Best at providing special services (company visits, conferences, etc.)
  • Knowledge and effective communication of research product
  • Most proactive in facilitating/integrating access to analysts
  • Quality of idea generation
  • Quality of relationship
  • Quality of service intensity & responsiveness
  • Which sales team provides the best Global context for Emerging EMEA portfolios

Voters can choose from these salespersons:
Kristen Andrasko
Jennifer Ewing
Jan Jandak
Ashley Keep
Jan Koch
Piotr Kopec
Zuzana Mora
Ioana Pop
Vinay Ruparelia
Tatiana Sarandinaki
Grzegorz Skowronski
Jan Thomson
Jarek Tomczynski
Kostas Tsigkourakos
Markus Ulreich

If you have not yet received your personalised link to the ballot from II, please request it via, or go to

1)      Click Go next to Emerging EMEA Research Team survey
2)      Complete your Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone number
3)      Choose Buy side or Sell side
4)      Add the details of your Primary Area of Responsibility (occupation) and your firm (name, type, country, website, and if you have chosen ‘buy-side’, a range that describes your firm’s actively managed assets), as well as the number of brokerage firms that you currently use for research (for buy-side)
5)      Mark if you are a previous voter (if applicable)
6)      After all the obligatory fields have been completed, please click Submit. You will receive a request confirmation from Institutional Investor and, shortly thereafter, an email with a link to the voting ballot

The deadline for requesting a ballot is Friday, 10 March.  

Thank you for your time and for your support!

15 FEBRUARY 2017

Small & Mid Caps

We hosted the 4th edition of our Small & Mid-Caps – “Pulse of the Economy” conference in Warsaw on 24-25 January, with a total of 13 companies and 89 investors from 41 investment management firms.

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