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WOOD's 5th Annual EME Winter Conference

Regional Investor Day in Belgrade

Frontier Investor Day

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26 JANUARY 2017


Hungarian Day

1 - 2 MARCH 2018


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4 APRIL 2017


Polish Innovation and Growth


Turkish Analyst
Frankfurt | 24 January 2017


Macroeconomic Analyst
Frankfurt | 23 January 2017
Warsaw | 24 January 2017


Greek Analyst
USA | 13-17 February 2017


Warsaw | 27 January 2017


Wizz Air
Warsaw | 8 March 2017

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WOOD's 5th Annual EME Winter Conference

Last week, WOOD&Co. hosted its fifth Winter EME conference in Prague. The feedback we have received from corporates and clients has been hugely positive. Once again, our event was the largest Emerging Europe conference of the year, with 650 attendees in total.‎
The event was held over five days (four days of meetings, plus one for site visits), with:‎
INVESTORS: A total of 198 investors from 108 investment houses, and 2,748 investor meetings. (Last year, we had 186 investors from 114 investment houses, with 2,845  investor meetings.)
COMPANIES: 144 companies (last year: 134), with 274 company representatives registered (excluding the 15 WOOD analysts who held meetings).
1,405 company meetings (last year: 1,224): 758 one-on-ones; 250 two-on-ones; 100 three-on-ones; and 174 group meetings.



Regional Investor Day in Belgrade

On 3 November, together with Belgrade Stock Exchange, we co-hosted our XV INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: UPGRADE IN BELGRADE 2016

The conference, the biggest so far in terms of the number of participating companies and investors, brought together over 300 guests from Serbia and abroad to look at the current macroeconomic trends in the country and their potential impacts, and at the connection between the development of capital markets and the launch of the economy, which is still not established in Serbia, as well as at other capital market tools that are not available or are not used sufficiently in the domestic environment yet.

Statistics from the conference

- Total number of companies to hold meetings – 22

- Total number of participating investors – 27 companies, including 11 foreign investors

- Total number of meetings held – 123

- Conference participants – 305 registered in total (plus some last-minute arrivals)


Frontier Investor Day

On 8-9 September, WOOD&Co., in partnership with Fondul Proprietatea, hosted its fourth Frontier Investor Days event in Bucharest. Due to the strong demand, the extent was extended to cover two days this year, with one-on-one investor meetings over both days. The event was the last part of Fondul Proprietatea’s annual event, its Analyst and Investor Days, which took place over 7-8 September. 
Offering an unparalleled depth of regional knowledge, the event brought together speakers and investors in small group and one-on-one meetings, and was designed to maximise interaction.
76 investors (last year: 66 investors) from 49 investment houses (last year: 40) met with 64 company representatives (last year: 51) from 30 companies (last year: 24) in 440 investor meetings in total (including 123 one-on-ones).

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